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Bayleef by Yonderness Bayleef :iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 2
Moon Cat Dance
Tomcats swing to a music all their own
Down the sidewalk with a tap
Yowlin at the dogs that yap
No safe house, they'd ratha' roam.
Alleys were built just for us
Come and stroll! Don't take the bus!
Moon Cat Dance for City Felines
Well we dance on da' rooftops ev'rytime!!
Moonlight dance, come prance and sway!
Cats ev'rywhere dance ev'ry way!
Swish and swoosh and slide and slip
And of couse acompanied by a city trumpet!
All cats can dance, we all can jump 'n' jive
We all swing to the music and slide slide slide!
Dance from a tree or on the ground! 
Dance in a group and go 'round and 'round!
Or dance by yourself, promenade and prance, 
Cats anywhere just dance dance dance
Every feline has a dancin' stance 
For the No-Dog-Moonlit-Moon-Cat-Dance!
Barncats have a tune no one else can hear
Leapin' 'round on bales of hay
No one owns us but we stay
Catchin' rats and dancin' year to year.
Cats in the country do-si-do!
Kick and step and step and toe!
Sit on hay bales
:iconyonderness:Yonderness 0 0
Luna in a Stratus by Yonderness Luna in a Stratus :iconyonderness:Yonderness 2 2 Peacock Thank you note by Yonderness Peacock Thank you note :iconyonderness:Yonderness 0 2
A mouse one day did look to sea
And this is what he saw:
A great white beast (a tempest cloud)
A fierce-like sloshing jaw
The sun was a dripping egg, the sea a china platter
The sky a thousand voices crying out "Whatever is the matter?"
The sands answering back to them, "I wish to sail to sea"
The waves then sweeping up the dust So that it may be free.
From deep beneath the cherry stars a fire-dragon came
With teeth a hundred crushed-up moons
And silver eyes like rain
He beckoned to the lonely mouse-
"I see you tire of here
You would throw yourself right in
You leap right down, without a frown- why, rather, with a grin!"
The mouse replied, "Beg pardon sir, you must have misunderstood.
For jumping in t'would be a sin, and I am considered good.
Though wind and water bash my brains, tis true... I'd love a sail."
The fire-dragon cocked an eye and lashed his bashing tail.
Then flung himself up toward the sky, and disappeared from view
Leaving the mouse to wonder if it actually was true.
:iconyonderness:Yonderness 0 2
Strike, Saphira, Strike.
you shall not cower behind your sapphire scales nor flee beyond this land
 but sweep with wings the unrelenting wind-breeze-clouds that scurry 'cross the barren sky
 to strike undaunted the key of Royalty from the specter king's hand-
 strike fierce, for the aungish of a war-hardened nation shall spring loose if you should come to die
 and bring crumbling down the rein of the egg-breaker-earth-shaker, bring to him his final stand
 for precarious is your position for triumph or gain
 and a brazen act could cost the already hard-pressed war
 and the azure flames streaming, singeing, from your pearl-tooth studded maw
 will pierce the dry air beyond the land without rain 
to smash the Oath-breaker's fortress door 
and bring a costly but nessesary halt to the Ghost Lord's law. 
:iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 0
Apon the grass a child runs
Her eyes alit with the soft sun 
Springtime scattered in the air
Weeks ago, the trees were bare 
Crickets sing and cloud-bursts dance 
On with shorts, off with snowpants 
Long dark hair flips in the breeze
Sunstroked skin and grass stained knees 
Garden hoses turn the yard 
Into a sparkling water park 
Chasing chipmunks, catching frogs
Splashing in puddles with her dog 
Rollerblades and sidewalk chalk 
Long and lonesome summer walks 
Eating flaming tangerines 
Stung by night-striped golden bees 
Her eyes reflect the endless sky 
Geese and songbirds soar so high 
Frosty bitter lemonade 
Minty iced tea in the shade 
 Treehouses and grapes fresh grown
Creating stories of her own 
Misty mornings hung with gray
Peek from behind the window shade
Crayons and paints, glitter and glue 
Forest green, robin's-egg blue 
Fingernails dusted with dirt 
:iconyonderness:Yonderness 3 0
When's Lunch? by Yonderness When's Lunch? :iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 0 Summer on a Boat by Yonderness Summer on a Boat :iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 0 Rarity Playing Soccer by Yonderness Rarity Playing Soccer :iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 0 Dragons of Dream by Yonderness Dragons of Dream :iconyonderness:Yonderness 0 0 Pastel Eye by Yonderness Pastel Eye :iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 0 It's a Dangerous Business, Stepping Out Your Door. by Yonderness It's a Dangerous Business, Stepping Out Your Door. :iconyonderness:Yonderness 0 0 Erebor at Sundown (Gimly) by Yonderness Erebor at Sundown (Gimly) :iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 0 This is a Dragon. by Yonderness This is a Dragon. :iconyonderness:Yonderness 1 1


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:iconheidi:Heidi 665 5,612
[Commission] Balloons! by ChocoChaoFun [Commission] Balloons! :iconchocochaofun:ChocoChaoFun 410 18 Pinkie Splash by StudioTamago Pinkie Splash :iconstudiotamago:StudioTamago 1,631 97 Flowing Rainbow by StudioTamago Flowing Rainbow :iconstudiotamago:StudioTamago 1,700 91 TornTethers by TamberElla TornTethers :icontamberella:TamberElla 1,090 22
For Evan, Without Love
Do not let me convince myself I loved you.
You see, I’ve exhausted my guilt complex, raking myself over the coals, trying hard to walk on water for everyone, pretending like I could ever be someone’s salvation. I was never your Messiah; do not let me martyr myself on your altars.
Do not let me rewrite history; do not forget the war crimes with which I was never rightly accused. I spent half a century building fortresses to keep you out of paradise; I was always leaving you without breadcrumbs in the forest. Do not believe me when I tell you this was romance.
And now that it feels like we’re talking in icebergs, loaded question and answer games of which so much is hidden, do not crash into me for deeper meaning. I could sink you, boy, I could crush your sails.
Do not let me sink my stilettos into your chest. Burn the ashes of the bridges I torched with careless cigarettes and late-night calls in which the liquor whispered, “I never loved you.”
Have no faith
:iconotherwiseunbroken:otherwiseunbroken 9 4
The sound of an approaching train
282 days into the year
and I’m still not living, lost
in this urban ballet, this city
of blinding lights. We knew
a place where no cars can go,
where even the crickets
couldn’t be heard - fifty one miles
down an old country road, where the wildflowers
grow like frilly laces, moonblossoms
tearing through the earth.
You could feel the sky in your
thought out gaze, ignoring the stars
and drifting into five am on velvet
waves just about to break.
We don’t go there anymore.
This thing between us set
the night on fire but it only lasted
a little while. I still have that fire
smoldering in my ashtray heart, but
flowers aren’t apologies. You’ve endured
so many storms that you became one – I wore you like a bruise.
I’ll be on the next train to Vegas, dreaming
about photographs from another time.
Love is a smoke made from the fumes
of sighs – may as well buy another
pack. My lungs are empty anyway.
:iconsilverinkblot:SilverInkblot 52 28
Mature content
5 reasons to date a girl with an eating disorder :icona-lovely-anxiety:A-Lovely-Anxiety 318 431
she is a bird sitting, teetering on
a power line because
one way or another, she figures
the best way to end
a story
is a big bang.
He is a fish swimming, traversing along,
Against the crashing tide because
He figures he can defy the law one or way or another,
And the best way to begin
Is to finish the end
Before he's stuck in her talons.
though she is made of feathers
and bones and she is still weightless enough
to take to the currents of air,
she is powerless
against the waves his actions
make, and she is so easily swept away that
she thinks her body might as well
be made of stones.
He could tell she was astounded by his ocean,
By the place he calls home to.
He welcomed her to the lowest depths of it, 
She couldn't resist the deepest blue of the marine,
Nor the glitter of his fishscale,
And the place he called heaven,
Eventually became this bird's hell.
her eyes were always the
size of jupiter when he was around
because she was fascinated with
the way he moved so gracefully from
:icona-lovely-anxiety:A-Lovely-Anxiety 38 17
As gay marriage increases, divorce decreases.
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 15 19
For Science
Brought toaster to bathtub.
Shocking results.
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 104 68
Beatnik Rarity by ChocoChaoFun Beatnik Rarity :iconchocochaofun:ChocoChaoFun 217 14
The word sticks to my tongue like cotton candy
The sweet, fluffy combination of letters
struggling to embody a correct connotation
And even the dictionary definition seems sugarcoated:
"Fear of imperfection."
Is that what they say when I'm up until 3am,
editing my English paper for the umpteenth time
The tick-tock tick-tock of the clock
promptly proliferating the room
And I just sit there changing good to great,
and peaceful to quiescent,
hoping that my teacher will be drunk in his bungalow
while he grades my chicken-scratch calligraphy
And he’ll see stars instead of how horrid it is
Or is that the word they use,
when I struggle to consume a 25-calorie chunk of chocolate
because I just know it will go straight to my hips,
or when I step on the scale
and watch the black dashes zoom by
like a carousel spinning,
And as the twirling and whirling makes me sick,
I know throwing up still won’t make me thin
And is that the term they mutter
when I'm sob
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 163 115
Star treasures by AlviaAlcedo Star treasures :iconalviaalcedo:AlviaAlcedo 2,625 133
Beach Hands
I sat on my grandfather’s lap
as he put my small hand inside his
and I caressed his rough, sandpaper hands:
the rolling folds of skin,
not as smooth as they had been
And I pretended his age spots
were sand dollars speckling the shore
not realizing even if I rubbed and tugged
the spots were there forever more:
the sand not clean like years before
And although I had
no clairvoyant abilities
I traced his veins like a palm reader
The cerulean rivers weren't what they seemed:
the once roaring waters now trickling streams
And my grandmother just sat there
making gloves in her old rocking chair,
the click clack of her knitting needles
were promptly filling the air
And I don't have a crystal ball
nor a fortune teller will I be
But what happens to the old,
when the body goes cold,
Occurs even if your hands are a beach
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 43 20
Lackadaisy Mornings by tracyjb Lackadaisy Mornings :icontracyjb:tracyjb 6,240 391


First off, I would like to say that I really like the general idea of your design. As a Frozen fan I am delighted by the remake of Elsa...


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Yonder says hi again.

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 7, 2014, 5:49 PM
I figured I had better write another journal entry! Gotta take advantage of the fabulous Premium membership day! 
I am going to try and upload as much of my art as I can. Presently I have only a tiny amount of my art on here. Maybe I can spend a couple hours just posting things. 
In honor of Premium membership day, I have requested critques on most of my art just in case. I can always remove them later. ^.^

Anyway, I would love some comments, critques, favorites, critisisms, page views, notes, and ideas! I don't expect to be any sort of amazing famous artistic sensation on dA, but I would like to share some of my art with the world and get some feedback! Some of my work actually isn't too bad.

Photography fans are good. Soccer fans are great. Rarity fans are even better. Leafeon fans are the best.  

Check me out sometime if you've got a minute! (Because with the ten pieces of art I've got posted currently, it really WILL take a minute.)
Love from Yonderness 

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I love to draw, doodle, write, and play sports. I am still in school (grade seven) and I have won a few youth poetry contests. Soccer is the best.
I love traveling and making friends.

I try to reply to all my favorites, watches or comments! This is how I find mamy excellent (and possibly unknown) artists!
I always watch anyone who watches me, I don't mind expanding my watch list! Give a llama, get a llama. :D


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It's completely fine. :D
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My pleasure, you deserve some! 
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Ello Yonda! I very much love the fact that you favorite one of my drawings. Looking at your work, I can see that you will have great potential for someone your age in the neer future:3

if you like my work then why not go on and follow. I'll be I'll be sure to follow you back if you do! 
Yonderness Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Sure thing, I don't mind expanding my watch list! 
I ought to get around to posting some of my new work, everything posted now is ridiculously old!! 
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